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Mixed Media with an Emphasis on Textiles


Meeting regularly at Top Floor Art since 2015, Top Floor Art Studio Collective goes from strength to strength! Find out more about our activities and members on this page.



Our latest exhibition, Inspired By, opens at the Down Arts Centre on the 21st June 2023 and runs until the 26th August 2023, find out more here. Other recent exhibitions include August Craft Month Exhibitions (Top Floor Art, 2019; Down Arts Centre, 2018; Top Floor Art, 2017), Processions Banner, Belfast, 2018; Passon and Legacy (Top Floor Art, 2015)

The group has also been involved - whether individual members or as a group - in facilitating and training in new skills including Dyeing Day, 2019, Lagan Navigation Trust 'Waterway Storymaking Festival' – linen panels, 2019; Glebe House workshops, Artsekta project work, Get Creative Creatathon (2016, 2017, 2018), The Big Sock, 2018 and WWKIPD 2015. Many in the group share their skills through workshops and demonstration on an individual basis.



The group has eight active members currently – with a wide range of practices and life experiences. Get a glimpse of each below.


Emma Whitehead
Emma Whitehead is a textile artist who uses traditional and innovative embroidery techniques to create three dimensional artworks.Find out more about Emma's work here

Janice McHenry
Janice is an artist who enjoys reinventing waste products to create sculptures for indoor or outdoor use. She has always been fascinated by collecting objects which delight or make her think, whether it is from a beach, hedgerows or a skip. Marry this with a reuse, recycle ethos and this leads into another passion -namely an attraction to the Cubist movement, Art Deco ceramicists and the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly, which are a starting point for much of her work of depicting objects in new and hopefully interesting ways.

Jaele Rollins-McColgan
Jaele is a mixed media artist who often uses humour to comment on life's joys and frustrations. She is always hoping to try something new.

Bridget Pullen
Bridget draws, especially family, friends and their animals. She enjoys creating textile pieces from her drawings using batik, embroidery and embellishments. More info on her Facebook Page HERE.

Lynda Kelly
Lynda enjoys working with textiles in many different mediums leading to an eclectic mix of art pieces from small embroidery to larger than life!

Geri Graham
Geri particularly enjoys working collaboratively across a range of mediums. Always keen to learn new skills, she appreciates textiles which convey a message or tell a story while retaining a unique aesthetic.

Hazel Bland
Hazel is a textile artist using hand-stitch as her main medium. She also recycles fabric making fantastic rag rugs.

Carolyn MacDougall
Carolyn's chosen medium is stitch using a variety of fabrics and threads – which she sometimes combines with hand-painted backgrounds and machine stitching. She had a solo exhibition in the John Luke Gallery in 2017 and exhibits every year in both the Northern Ireland Embrodery Guild and the Harmony Hill Craft Group. She was a facilitator on the Port and Docks Tapestry project 2015-2017 and 2018 Artichoke Trust Women's Suffrage Banner.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more about the group and our activities (exhibitions, workshop facilitation)? While we don't currently have vacancies for new members, we do open workshops and exhibition opportunities wider than the group. Make contact on info@topfloorart.co.uk - with 'Top Floor Art Studio Group' as email subject.